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      Denmark is the smallest country in Scandinavia. But this small land contains a huge number of wonders and beauties. As the oldest kingdom in Europe and the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark is often positioned as a “fairytale country” where everyone will find something to their liking. Denmark’s past has left behind many historical monuments. Here you will find castles, ancient cities, treasures of architecture and art.

      As in most countries, tourism in Denmark is at the top in summer. But Denmark is beautiful at any time of the year. It is noteworthy that a lot of attention is paid to family vacations. Denmark will really be comfortable and fun for both children and their parents.

      Copenhagen is the center of this “fairytale country”, but other cities are not inferior to it. And if you come to Denmark in the summer, then the picturesque beaches of the Danish Riviera will open before you in all their glory.

      The capital is Copenhagen, which is cozy and neat. There are almost no skyscrapers here, but there are historical sights, most of which are concentrated in the Old Center. 

      The second largest city in Denmark – Aarhus – an important cultural and educational center, there are many students, which means there are trendy bars, galleries, and hand-made boutiques. In July a meeting of Vikings is held in Aarhus – a dashing fun with fairs and shows.

      Odense is the birthplace of Andersen: once on quiet gingerbread streets, he was looking for inspiration for future masterpieces, and today these same streets are decorated with heroes of his fairy tales immortalized in stone. Ancient palaces and temples will surely remember the great writer, and the Funen village invites you to return to his times: the open-air museum contains traditional buildings of the 17-19 centuries.

      Another Danish gem is Aalborg, intertwining history with modernity. It has all the attributes of a medieval city: merchant mansions, solemn cathedrals, an impregnable castle and a string of museums. And also – large industrial enterprises, a busy harbor and a whole street of bars and restaurants.

      Billund is famous for the world’s first Lego factory and Legoland amusement park, Roskilde for the cult rock festival, and the Faroe Islands for magnificent landscapes, high living standards and the title of the best islands on the planet according to National Geographic.

      Danish national cuisine is relatively simple, but hearty and tasty. Among the dishes of Denmark, dishes of potatoes, fish, seafood and various types of meat, mainly pork, prevail. A feature of traditional Danish cuisine is the world famous sandwich – smörrebred, huge, multi-storey and with the most amazing combination of products.

      Denmark’s national drinks include beer and vodka. Coffee is popular here, and the traditional hot wine Bisschopswijn is prepared for Christmas.

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